Welcome to First American Medical

Our goal at First American Medical DME is to meet the patient’s needs in their home by providing the “State of the Art” medical equipments, to assure their rehabilitation and comfort, while maintaining a safe and functional environment during their recovery. We are an accredited company, and we are providing services to Houston & surrounding areas since 1994 with 100% satisfaction and convenience.
First American Medical is a service based DME company which protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. Our workflow and procedures have been perfected to maximize efficiency, minimize denials, and MAXIMIZE your convenience and satisfaction.
Founded in 1994, First American Medical's sole commitment has been to deliver the best DME to our patients in Houston and surrounding areas. We provide 24 hrs service, our staff is well trained and ready to solve any issue related to patients need. We work with Medicare/Medicaid and private insurances to help our clients with complete satisfaction.
We provide the best products to our clients. We select the most durable products which last longer with great trust. The quality and reliablity of our products keep us standing tall for past 15 years.
check our products, Our durable equipments are tested and used by patients with 100% satisfaction, again, we deliver the best.
First American Medical DME has a rich culture of dedication and service. We cater all of our patients needs with great passion, our 15 years of service is a symbol of our desire to work hard. We perform our duty without any favors, but with fervor. First American Medical DME, an accredited company with compliance team.
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